We’ll bring the best image solutions in Nigeria, says Canon Marketing Manager

  • Ayman Aly, Marketing Manager, Canon Central and North Africa speaks with BRANDISH on Canon’s plans for Nigeria and the continent. 

What are the challenges of printing and photography technology in Africa?

The printing industry is facing so many challenges in Africa, like owning the latest technology, good level of after-sales service, availability of different print media and substrates, business development and consultancy services. The photo printing business is so big in Africa with different kinds of technology, and Canon is the only brand in the market that can offer capture to output workflow, and supporting and developing the market end-to-end photography business.

To what extent has developments in mobile technology that enables phones to take strong photos impacted on your business.

Canon is concerned about the image and ecosystem around the image itself, from photo printing point of view. Canon can benefit from such growing number of photos being taken through introducing different printing workflow that could output the photo indifferent printing technologies and substrate. In addition, Canon with long heritage in imaging can help B2B customers benefit from growing number of photos with new out of the box idea and experience.

Ayman Aly

Ayman Aly

Can you tell us about the partnership between Canon and Tenaui?

Tenaui Africa Limited is appointed as a B2B local partner in Nigeria, and with Tenaui, Canon will be able to introduce latest Canon products, solutions and offerings to the Nigerian Market.

In the B2B area you are playing, can you access value opportunities?

Canon has a wide range of offerings covering many of B2B industry requirements, from office multifunctional solutions, production printing solutions, wide format printing solutions, document scanners solutions, among others. The interesting thing is that such offerings can be customized to different vertical industries’ needs. Our objective at Canon is to support Tenaui and other Canon partners to offer the most fitting solutions with the required level of after sales service

One of the greatest challenges in the industry are quick changes in technology and after sales support. With experiences of people who bought Heidelberger machines in mind, what do you have in place to ensure that those who buy today are not locked out by new technologies of tomorrow? 

Canon has wide range of service offerings that start on product level maintenance, to full service maintenance. In addition, there are more advanced service offerings which are already being implemented in different territories like Managed Print services, and Canon Business Service. In simple words, Canon’s objective is to start fulfilling the customer expectation of good quality of after sales service that will allow the customer to focus on his own core business, rather than spending time trying to find solution to make their printing efficient.

Can we discuss the future of Canon and its West African business especially in terms of investments given the drive for FDI and setting up manufacturing centres in Nigeria?

During the opening there was good discussion with senior government people to discuss how Canon can cooperate with different organizations trying to develop different segments in the market through training, development, good offerings.

You set up Canon Central and North Africa recently. What was this designed to achieve?

Canon Central and North Africa is a new Canon regional Sales Organization based in Dubai that is responsible of developing North, East, Central, and West African territories.

Konica Minolta is already in Nigeria. Are you not challenged by their having had first mover advantage?

Canon has its own strategy as a market leader, and will continue extending the strategy to African markets as usual. Competition is expected as part of any B2B market, so Canon is tackling business as usual like in any other market.


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